Wednesday, July 17, 2013

4.5 months in....

Hi everyone!  Obviously this blog has not been a priority lately - we have gotten wrapped up with unpacking, settling in and getting a summer routine going.

I have plenty to share now that we have been in the house a few months.

The good:
-I feel like the house is well constructed.  The quality of materials is good, the workmanship is decent (more on that later) and the neighborhood is great
-Our energy bills have never been lower - even when we lived in a house half the size.  $90 last month for  electricity and that was with running the AC 24/7 (it has been hot in VA!)
I am so glad we got the garage door opener with the house
I am so glad we got the deck with the house

The OK:
-We did our 30 day inspection late (our schedules were kind of crazy).  They fixed a few things like an outlet that wasn't working, the crooked chandelier, looked at the dishwasher (it wasn't drying) and re-stained the stairs that didn't match the floors.
-I know they save a lot of things for the 10 month, but they left us with dinged up drywall that is an eyesore, a crooked bannister, crooked trim, the messed up front door, cracks in the drywall around the stairs and a few other things.  I can't believe I have to live with these things until the end of the year.

The bad:
-Our yard grading is terrible in the back.  We have taken video of a literal river running right down the middle of our backyard towards the drain.  All of our other neighbors have the swail at the back of their yard where it is out of the way.  Ours is just awful.  Every time we have a rain storm, my husband texts a pic of the river to our PM.  Nothing has been done.
-When we called the PM to ask him something the other day, we were informed that we have a new PM.  No big deal, but this guy hasn't contacted us either.
-We have YET to receive our survey.  I don't know if this is just an oversight, or if they really don't care what we have to say....
-I feel like we have been put on the back burner.  I wish there was more (any??) communication from the PM when we call.  When we did our walk through, our PM (who we really liked!) assured us that he would be here when or if we needed him. But he has been extremely busy with another development and I have no assurance that MAJOR things will get done like fixing some of the baseboards, crooked trim on the doors, the very obviously crooked bannister, our bedroom door that sticks terribly, the drainage issue, broken hardwood planks (from sloppy installation) and the major cracks and dings in the drywall.


  1. Sorry to hear about the water and lack of communication issues. Having a wet backyard is one of my biggest issues with my current house.

    Do you have water that stands for more than 24 hours? I think at that was one of the statements used in our contract with Ryan. Though I speak from experience that I'm not happy with a river running through my yard, no matter how long it takes to clear.

    Best of luck with the issues.

  2. Oh yikes! That IS horrible. I'm sorry you are going through that. I have had grading problems also so I feel your pain.

  3. That is awful! Stay on them! It took 4 tries until our swale was done correctly! Put in a service request and contact your PM. That typically gets it done!

  4. Thanks guys! Water can definitely stand for more than 24 hours. It might not be as bad as those pics 1 day out, but it is still really wet.

    Thanks for the encouragement Elise! We will keep trying although our PM has not been easy to reach or get an answer from.

  5. Sorry to hear about that. If the grading isn't what you signed off on then they need to fix it. Hopefully your new pm will step up for you.

  6. Hi Jessica! So glad I found your blog. We're strongly considering a Ryan Home (Palermo as well) and I love seeing your thoughts and feelings on everything. I wish our neighborhood offered a deck or landscaping options, but they don't. :( Either way, I know you're still waiting on some fixes, but is there anything else you would have built in the mortgage or (on the flip side) wish you wouldn't have had Ryan do? We're probably doing the Morning Room as well, but not the optional bonus room. Would you mind sending me pictures of the shower only bathroom? We're considering that as well since we'd never use the bath!

    Thanks so much in advance!

    1. Please don't reply here as I probably won't see it... can you email me at Ourjourneyblog08@gmail.com?

      Thanks a BUNCH!!

  7. Hi, my husband and I are in the early stages of building a Palermo and I saw that you included a fireplace. Do you mind sharing photos of how you set your tv up and where you put all your components? I am struggling with figuring that one out. Your house looks beautiful. Thanks

  8. Re the swale.. We are currently going through this with RH. The swale runs at the back of most yards and then curves out, about 6ft into our yard and then back to the property line. We are the lowest house on the road and a corner lot. During a bad storm the swale is a raging river and the water does not stay in the swale because of the bend.

    Recently, they developed the lot behind us which increased the water significantly. Straw washed down, blocked the swale exit from our yard and flooded the yard. RH will not do anything unless water is still standing after 48 hours.

    I continue to be amazed at how little RH cares once they have you in the house.