Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pre-Settlement Meeting today

Today was our pre-settlement meeting.  We have been looking forward to this day for a long time!  Meeting started right around 10am and took about 2 hours.  Our PM was great - he went over everything we needed to know from water shut off to sealing granite and grout to advising us not to use rock salt on the driveway when it's icy.  We got the big binder plus lots of great advice.  Our PM was great today.  He made note of any area that needed attention (most was very minor), walked us through, and assured us we could call for anything after settlement.  I even asked him if he knew someone who could help us get our washer and dryer upstairs and he said he would check for us.  I am leaning towards giving him major kudos on the survey because he genuinely seems interested in us being satisfied with the house and confident that we can rely on him and his team if we have any questions.  I am waiting to see how everything goes this next week and post settlement.  If he comes through for us on the things we talked about, I think he's got it in the bag.  Overall, I am very pleased with the construction and experience.

Some things that needed to be fixed before settlement are:
front door needs to be redone completely
touch ups on paint and trim
touch ups on hardwood
very minor electrical stuff
along with a couple other things that I can't recall at the moment

One thing that made a big difference was that my husband had mentioned needing to tweak something up in the attic - but said he would do it after we closed.  Our PM said he would handle it before closing.  Now, I don't think we got it in writing, but I sure hope he does it, because I know it would mean a lot to my husband not to have to do it, even though it was fairly minor.

Not much had changed with the house since last time except it had been majorly cleaned AND we had sod!


  1. Sounds like you meeting went really well and that the things that needs fixing are very easy. Good news!