Friday, February 15, 2013

Because we are getting close...

Because we are getting close to our walkthrough, Josh has been visiting the house more often.  Normally, we would only be able to make it on Saturdays, but he went twice this week already and we plan to go again tomorrow.  Last Saturday, we saw they had dug the footers for our deck, but they didn't seem to be in the right place for the size and shape deck we wanted.  Turns out there was a miscommunication about where the deck was going, but it turned out fine the way they built it.  We even got a few extra square feet out of it!  They are doing last minute things - they put on doorknobs, put in appliances, range hood.  Touching up the paint.  They even started landscaping the front.  The yard has been fully graded, the black dividers separating the yards were removed, and I think we are ready for sod.  Here are some pics from this past week:

Our deck.  It was supposed to be longer instead of wider, but I actually like this better, I think

Josh was locked out, so he took this one through the window. We have door handles!

They have started to landscape

 Even though the kitchen is a mess, I was excited to see my countertops uncovered!

Obligatory shot of the exterior - again

Finishing up the grading on our yard


  1. Nice to see how your deck turned out. We are getting one just about the same shape and size. We liked what they had on the model in Chester and yours looks about the same! Love the way your Palermo is turning out. Might have to drive by if I'm ever up in Billsburg.

  2. Please do! There are actually 2 more Palermos right around us, too. One Elevation C across the street and an Elevation A next to the model home.

  3. Looks good, LOVE the long driveway!

  4. The deck looks good. I still really love your front porch! =)

  5. M, I second that, I love the front porch too......and Pink the driveway too, what a nice flat long driveway....How lucky you are !!

    I tell ya this blog is jus no good for you once you are living in your home, I keep saying to myself I shoulda done this or that....every time I see your house I say.......I should done stone instead of brick........

  6. would you mind posting pics of you kitchen with the floor uncovered? id love to see that combo