Monday, February 25, 2013

Closing delayed

Closing was supposed to happen today, but sadly some paperwork from another company didn't make it to the NVR office in time, so we have been delayed.  We have been assured we will close by Thursday (the end of the month) and I sure hope so.  We have almost everything packed and scheduled for this week.  There's nothing else holding up closing - just the underwriters, so fingers crossed.  I spoke to our PM about the Certificate of Occupancy and he says it is handled and he's never had a closing held up by that.  So that's one thing I'm not worried about anymore.

We went to see the house on Sunday and found that they had fixed some things, but not the door yet.  Or the backyard.  We have a backdoor neighbor's flower bed encroaching on our yard and it has to be dug up ASAP.

We also noticed some new things that we hadn't noticed before.  Stain on the risers on the steps (it looks like a sloppy job).  Drywall around the corners on the stairs looks terrible.  And the shorter railing on the stairs is crooked (not centered where it meets the wall).

I also think they put in way too much shelving in our bedroom closet, but that's not really their fault.

Hope it all comes together in time....

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pre-Settlement Meeting today

Today was our pre-settlement meeting.  We have been looking forward to this day for a long time!  Meeting started right around 10am and took about 2 hours.  Our PM was great - he went over everything we needed to know from water shut off to sealing granite and grout to advising us not to use rock salt on the driveway when it's icy.  We got the big binder plus lots of great advice.  Our PM was great today.  He made note of any area that needed attention (most was very minor), walked us through, and assured us we could call for anything after settlement.  I even asked him if he knew someone who could help us get our washer and dryer upstairs and he said he would check for us.  I am leaning towards giving him major kudos on the survey because he genuinely seems interested in us being satisfied with the house and confident that we can rely on him and his team if we have any questions.  I am waiting to see how everything goes this next week and post settlement.  If he comes through for us on the things we talked about, I think he's got it in the bag.  Overall, I am very pleased with the construction and experience.

Some things that needed to be fixed before settlement are:
front door needs to be redone completely
touch ups on paint and trim
touch ups on hardwood
very minor electrical stuff
along with a couple other things that I can't recall at the moment

One thing that made a big difference was that my husband had mentioned needing to tweak something up in the attic - but said he would do it after we closed.  Our PM said he would handle it before closing.  Now, I don't think we got it in writing, but I sure hope he does it, because I know it would mean a lot to my husband not to have to do it, even though it was fairly minor.

Not much had changed with the house since last time except it had been majorly cleaned AND we had sod!

Friday, February 15, 2013

Because we are getting close...

Because we are getting close to our walkthrough, Josh has been visiting the house more often.  Normally, we would only be able to make it on Saturdays, but he went twice this week already and we plan to go again tomorrow.  Last Saturday, we saw they had dug the footers for our deck, but they didn't seem to be in the right place for the size and shape deck we wanted.  Turns out there was a miscommunication about where the deck was going, but it turned out fine the way they built it.  We even got a few extra square feet out of it!  They are doing last minute things - they put on doorknobs, put in appliances, range hood.  Touching up the paint.  They even started landscaping the front.  The yard has been fully graded, the black dividers separating the yards were removed, and I think we are ready for sod.  Here are some pics from this past week:

Our deck.  It was supposed to be longer instead of wider, but I actually like this better, I think

Josh was locked out, so he took this one through the window. We have door handles!

They have started to landscape

 Even though the kitchen is a mess, I was excited to see my countertops uncovered!

Obligatory shot of the exterior - again

Finishing up the grading on our yard

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Thank goodness....we have heat!

We were thrilled to have heat in our house when we visited yesterday.  Until now, we have really had to be quick looking at the house because it was just too cold to be in there long.  The kids would complain, we would look around for 10 minutes and then hop back in the car because they were miserable after a bit.  But yesterday, we had plenty of time to look around.  It was a balmy 65 degrees indoors, and the kids played while we looked around.

There was more progress.  Stove/oven is in.  Hardwood and carpet was in everywhere.  The railings were stained.  Light fixtures were in and electricity was on.  Water was on.  Footers were dug for our porch but they were full of water.  Exterior lighting was in, driveway was poured, front porch was complete and railings were up.  Interestingly enough, our house was not locked yet.

Things that still need to be done: shower door installed, shower rod in kids bathroom, knobs on doors.  Some circuits were still being worked on, supports for the granite countertop still need to go in, deck needs to be built, cabinets need finishing work, microwave needs to be installed.

We have 2 weeks and a day until closing, but I'm confident it will all get done.  Still dealing with some last minute issues with NVR.  They have been pretty good to work with, but at this point, they are asking for a bunch of things we have already sent.  Hope everything works out and we close on time.

And now for some pictures...

Bonus room with carpet!

The outside with most of the yard graded and the porch completed
 I took this one to show the Manchester Cherry hardwood floor with the Butterscotch cabinets
 The porch
 A shot of the stairs

Sunday, February 3, 2013

A little more progress, and 3 weeks till closing

We went to see the house yesterday, and we had a few little surprises waiting for us!  Granite was installed, more trimwork done, slate around the fireplace, electrical and HVAC work, water heater installed, garage sink installed, dishwasher in, oven delivered, kitchen sink in, toilets in, bathroom faucets installed.

Granite was a big one for me - I was really worried about the slab we were going to get because there is  SO much variation in the St. Cecelia granite.  Luckily, we got a slab that was very creamy and not at all gold or dark.  I really like it.  It looks great with the Butterscotch Glaze cabinets.

Hopefully this is also the last time we will have to visit the house without heat.  It was really cold on Saturday and we could only stay a few minutes with the kids.  Apparently they can't do the hardwood floors without heat so they should have it turned on early this week.

There was something that was disappointing to me, and I'm struggling with whether or not to mention it.  We got upgraded cabinets in the bathrooms which have brushed nickel hardware.  We assumed (silly us) that the plumbing fixtures would match.  But they installed the shiny chrome faucets instead.  It looks really weird, having 2 different metals going on in the bathroom.  I seem to remember my SR telling us that it would all match - after all, I think if it was not going to match, she would have up-sold us on the fixtures...
Anyway, I don't like it.  I know it can be fixed by us eventually, but still.  Should I raise it as an issue even though we don't have any paperwork on it?  Or let it go?

Here are some pics -I did some of the bonus room for those who requested them!

The kitchen with the dishwasher, granite installed.  The cabinets on the island need a lot of attention :(

The downstairs half bath.  They have installed the hardwood already.

A view of the stairs, standing in the dining room

Sink in the kitchen and a peek at the granite

This pic is upstairs, looking down the hall towards the master bedroom (straight) and the bonus room (right)

 MB on the left, BR on the right.  BR has a double door entryway

Here's a panoramic of the Bonus room, standing right at the window at the front of the house.