Saturday, January 19, 2013

Weekly Update, 1/19/13

Our family has made it somewhat of a weekly tradition to go up and visit the house on Saturday afternoons.  Right now, we live about an hour away, so we make an afternoon/evening out of it.

I was really hoping to see a bunch of progress today, but our PM had told us that the weather we have been getting over the last few days would hold some things up.   We were supposed to get all of our utilities set up last week, but that can't happen until the ground dries up a little.  They had finished up the drywall earlier in the week, so I was hoping to see some paint and trim up.  It looks like they primed it, but no trim was put up.  I was a little disappointed - I know the weather is probably the reason not much got done, but still...

The good news is that we found all of our cabinets, doors and trim in the garage, ready to go.  So we should see lots of progress by next Saturday. I had to sneak a peek at my Rushmore Maple Butterscotch cabinets, and they were just as beautiful as I had hoped!  Can't wait to see them installed.

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