Thursday, January 17, 2013

The little things

We usually only get out to see the house once a week, usually on Saturdays, but our PM has done a good job of calling us when things have been scheduled or what might be going on during the week.  He has even texted us pics a time or two, which is great.

The upside to only seeing the house once a week is that there are major changes week to week, which are fun to see.  Our PM called us yesterday to let us know that they have finished drywall and are moving on to primer/first coat of paint, as well as trim and doors.  Cabinets should be here tomorrow (weather permitting - they are coming from Maryland!).  Due to the massive amounts of rain we have had this week, they couldn't hook up any utilities yet.  That should be done as soon as the weather clears a bit.

We finally made a decision regarding the soap dish.  I know it's a little thing, but we had to really think this through.  We have this beautiful shower, with tile and listello - and we were going to stick a plain white soap dish in the middle of it?  We don't even use bar soap.  Our PM really wanted us to keep it, but we finally called CTI and cancelled it.  We also changed out our marble thresholds in the bathroom.  I found out they use a brownish marble which I don't personally like.  So we switched it out to grey/white marble which I like much better.

Wouldn't it be something if our cabinets were installed when we go visit this weekend?  Here's hoping!

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