Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pre-Drywall Meeting today

We finally had our pre-drywall meeting today!!  Yay!!  I wasn't able to go with my husband due to some scheduling conflicts, but I am pretty excited.  Drywall will begin tomorrow, and they tell me it takes 6-7 days to complete, so by this time next week we should have walls and ceilings!  There were only a couple of things that needed to be addressed before drywall.  Our PM had told us that it was no problem to put some insulation between the laundry room and the bedrooms that flank it.  It wasn't done, and since we didn't get it in writing (lesson learned), we had to do it ourselves.  Same with the pendant lighting.  We were told in an earlier meeting that if we opted for recessed lighting in the kitchen, that we could move the cans around to make the pendant lighting happen.  That didn't really happen either.  I am still getting my pendant lights, but we had to do the wiring for those ourselves as well.  So - advice for those who are just starting out - get everything in writing, especially at the pre-construction meeting.  If you are planning to move anything around like outlets and recessed lighting, make sure they will let you and get that in writing too!

We also heard back on our porch issue.  Seems that they won't do anything about the porch - even if we pay for the change.  I am shocked - I want to give them money to fix something and they won't.  It is really putting a damper on how much I like the house.  It looks like we will just have to do it after settlement.  I haven't given up completely yet.

As an added bonus, they completed our siding and put on our shutters.  It looks great so far!


  1. Jessica, Welcime Welcome Welcome to the RH Family Blog Land!!

    I just found your blog and excited to follow your journey and I am sure would too. You can visit my sure at ricknadase.blogspot.com to get instructions to add followers button to your blog.

    Please also turn off the word verification button it forces bloggers to decipher this weird word pattern before we can leave a comment. Thank you.

    I look froward to following your journey!

    Yay for drywall it's going to begin to feel like a house!!


  2. Jessica, I look foward to seeing what backsplash you end up for your kitchen!! Have you decided on some options. I would love to see pictures.

  3. Thanks for the warm welcome! I went and changed the word verification - I appreciate you letting me know. We have no idea what we are going to do re: the backsplash yet. I need to set aside some time to go look at what is out there.