Sunday, January 6, 2013

My first blog post, even though we are in the middle of our build...

Well, I finally caved.  I really didn't think I would want to start a blog detailing our building process with Ryan Homes, but here I am.  I have been following a few other Ryan Homes blogs over the past few months, and they have helped me so much with the whole process, that I hope I can do the same for someone else.

So, here's our story...

We first looked at purchasing a home back in May of 2012.  Our awesome realtor took us to a Ryan model home right off the bat, thinking it was a perfect fit for us.  I am a consummate worrier, so I was not ready to jump into building right off the bat.  I thought that before we settled on anything, we really needed to see what else was out there for sale.  So, we looked.  And looked.  And I found myself saying, "wow...this house would be great if only it had (granite, different cabinets, better flooring etc).  So, after a lot of careful consideration of all our options, we ended up back at the sales center of our local Ryan Homes neighborhood, purchasing a Palermo model, elevation B.  We started the process in earnest in August.  We finalized our choices in September, had hoped to break ground in October, but didn't actually break ground until just after Thanksgiving.  We were framed by the beginning of Dec and now, at the beginning of January, we are almost ready to have our pre-drywall meeting.

Overall, we have had a good experience.  Our SR is super nice and accommodating, and our PM has been on the ball with almost everything we have wanted to have done.  Thanks to some of you out there in blog-land, we knew some things we should be asking about.  We were able to do pendant lights, we moved the office door (in the Palermo, it is kind of in a weird place), and we moved the attic access out of the bedrooms.  Our PM has been pretty accommodating throughout.  He's hit almost everything on our to-do list except for 2 things: insulating the walls between the laundry room and the bedrooms that flank it AND moving the no-standard sink in the garage to a different wall.  I'm pretty sure he is planning on doing these soon.

So, now to the not so great stuff.  Honestly, these aren't so bad, but they bother me and I just didn't know to ask.  First, we didn't know that without the basement, we would have a bulkhead containing the HVAC stuff running straight through the middle of the house. I didn't think to ask (how could we have known?) but that is something I wish would have been brought to my attention so I would have know to expect it.  Apparently, county code won't let the HVAC stuff run on an exterior wall.  Second - and this one really bothers me - is the porch.  I love everything else about the Palermo elevation B, but the porch is terrible.  On every other house on our street, the porch overhang covers the  entire top stoop of the porch.  Our overhang covers about half, and I think it makes an otherwise beautiful house stick out like a sore thumb.  It just doesn't look right to me.  I am crossing my fingers that Ryan does the right thing and lets us change it to a full overhang.  After all, it's not a huge change and it would produce a very happy customer in both of us.

On the schedule this week - hopefully our pre-drywall meeting will be Tuesday morning, and then they can start hanging drywall.  Tentative closing date is 2/20 so I can't wait to see some more progress!

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